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Wheeler County voters approve Greater Idaho border move


Non-binding advisory question will not move border – but will begin study process

All three cities and precincts in Wheeler County voted in favor of moving Idaho’s border to include Wheeler County.

Both Wheeler County and Morrow County voted in favor of the advisory question on Tuesday.

Passage of the advisory question begins the process of studying a change in state borders. Changes to the border would have to be passed by both Oregon and Idaho state congresses and governors. It would ultimately need approval from the U.S. Congress.

With the addition of Wheeler and Morrow counties to the Move Oregon’s Border / Greater Idaho movement, there are now eleven Oregon counties that have voted in favor of the border change concept.

Wheeler and Morrow counties will join Klamath, Lake, Harney, Malheur, Baker, Grant, Union, Sherman and Jefferson counties.

All three cities in Wheeler County voted for moving Idaho border to include Wheeler Co. (Oregon Sec. of State’s Office)

Spray voters had the biggest majority in favor of the border study. Sixty-three percent of voters in Spray (156 voters) approved of the advisory question to move Idaho’s border to include Wheeler County.

In Mitchell, the “yes” votes totaled 105 for 58.6% for moving the border.

Fossil had the most narrow margin, with 54% voting for the move and 46% voting in opposition.

Exactly what is expected of the Wheeler County Court is not clear. Greater Idaho representatives have said that no meetings or studies are necessary from local government. However, other counties that have approved of the advisory question are meeting several times a year with advisory committees.


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