Friday, June 9, 2023
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Umatilla National Forest lands in Wheeler County temporarily closed

Umatilla Nation Forest lands (outlined in red) closed near Wheeler County.

The United States Forest Service temporarily closed all of the Umatilla National Forest Friday, including land in Wheeler County.

Persistent extreme fire conditions and a lack of firefighting resources led them to the decision, the USFS said. The closure is to proactively protect public land and the firefighters currently battling the Lick Creek and Green Ridge Fires.

Low humidity levels in the area are creating an “unprecedented potential for extreme fire spread and intensity,” according to fire officials.

A full Forest closure means that the public is prohibited from entering any part of Umatilla National Forest at any time, including National Forest lands, roads, trails and recreational facilities. Access on county, state or federal roadways will still be open.

For more information visit Blue Mountain Fire Info.


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