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Local event for National Day of Prayer – May 6th

Condon group will gather in the City Park on May 6th at 10:45 AM

The United States has had over 140 National Days of Prayer proclaimed by Presidents and/or Congress throughout history.  General George Washington initiated the national call to prayer in the 1770’s during the War for Independence.  Following that call there followed sporadic calls by different Presidents to ask for God’s assistance during other crisis that befell our nation.  During the Civil War, President Lincoln proclaimed a day of thanksgiving and prayer.  The last Thursday in November became the observed National Day of Thanksgiving and Prayer.  President Truman later proclaimed July 4th,1952, not only to be Independence Day but also a day to observe and participate in a National Day of Prayer.  Due to the diversity of the population of the peoples of The United States, he asked each person to observe the day as each one saw fit.  In an effort to not distract the importance of the two days, President Reagan proclaimed the first Thursday in May to be observed as the National Day of Prayer.

This year the National Day of Prayer is Thursday, May 6th.  The people of Condon and any others are invited to come and join in a time of united prayer for our country and its leadership at 10:45 A.M. at the concrete patio in the City Park.


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