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Judge Cris Patnode endorses Ron McDermid

Letter to the Editor

To Whom It May Concern:

I have known Judge Ron McDermid since taking the Bench in 2003, as Gilliam County Justice of the Peace.  Upon taking the bench, I learned that one of the best assets of a judge is another judge.  Judge McDermid quickly became a mentor and someone whom I greatly respect.  Due to our geography and close proximity, I learned that Sherman County Justice Court and Gilliam County Justice Court had many similarities, and that it would be advantageous for us each to help one another dispense justice to the best of our abilities. Over the years, we have communicated often, exchanged ideas, and assisted each other with legal research. Judge McDermid and I have served as officers of the Oregon Justices of the Peace Association together, and have been conference co-chairs at which we facilitated the educational program for both attorney and non-attorney judges alike. Over the past 17 and ½ years, I have come to know Judge McDermid well, and he is endorsed in high regard. He is considered among Oregon Justices of the Peace a respected, knowledgeable and fair judge.

Judge McDermid possesses the essential qualities of a good judge.  He is patient, consistent, even-handed, and works diligently to study the law.  

Not every individual fits the role of this specialized craft, which is rooted in the makeup of the individual.  Ron McDermid is made to fit the role of Justice of the Peace. He has served the bench well, and I encourage the voters of Sherman County to re-elect him to the position so that he may continue to do so.


Cris Patnode

Gilliam County Justice of the Peace


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