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Gilliam Co. Court approves 8.1% wage increase for employees


CONDON – The Gilliam County Court has approved of an 8.1% wage increase for all union, non-union and sheriff’s office employees – effective immediately.

No elected officials will be eligible for the pay bump, only county staff.

Typically, wage increases are set at 3.5% and are done on July 1st.

During the meeting on April 6, Judge Farrar Campbell introduced a resolution to increase wages immediately and effective April 1. The court unanimously passed the resolution.

Judge Farrar Campbell said that inflation and the rising cost of groceries, gas and other expenses warranted the increase. Commissioners Shannon and Wilkins agreed.

The pay increase will not impact new hires for the county, who will go through their regular increase on July 1.

Employees that are eligible for the pay raise will not be eligible for another increase until July 1, 2023.


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