Wednesday, March 29, 2023
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Eastern Oregon finally gets hit heavy by COVID-19


It took awhile for the global pandemic COVID-19 to reach Eastern Oregon but it is here now and it has begun to spread quickly.

In just two days, 137 people have tested positive in Umatilla County, which now has 413 cases of COVID-19. Umatilla County now has the third most cases of COVID-19 in Oregon.

Last week, eighty-eight people in Union County tested positive in one day and numbers are continuing to climb in Morrow (51), Malheur (98) and Wasco County (98).

Wasco County was put on a “watch list” by the Oregon Health Authority that is tracking alarming increases in COVID-19 cases, according to Neita Cecil of the North Central Public Health District.

Gilliam County reported their first case of COVID-19 on Friday and Sherman County confirmed their second positive case.

The only county to have zero cases of COVID-19 is Wheeler County, which is the least populated county in Oregon.


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