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Body recovered from house fire in Condon


CONDON – A fire that spread quickly and destroyed a house in Condon also appears to have claimed a life.

The Gilliam County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that a body was found in the aftermath of the fire, which started during the noon-hour on Thursday, Feb. 9.

Gilliam County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Tory Flory told The Times-Journal that a body had been recovered from the scene but would not identify the victim.

A fire at home on Dangerous Building List was engulfed in flames on Thursday, Feb. 9. After the fire was extinguished, a body was recovered from the debris. (The Times-Journal)

The Sheriff’s Office is working with the county’s medical examiner and the State Fire Marshal to conduct a thorough investigation. The identity of the victim will be released at a later time.

The fire started at approximately 12:30 PM on Thursday and spread quickly. The S. Gilliam Fire Department was on the scene within minutes.

Flames from the fire grew as the wind blew to the south and an electric pole was ignited. The building across the street was also in danger – with fire crews dousing it in water as flames stretched more than thirty feet.

Many locals know the house as the Frankie Cason boarding house – located at the north end of Condon’s Main Street, at the intersection of Frazier Street.

The house was listed on the Dangerous Building List since 2004, meaning it was not up to code and not fit for occupancy or habitation.

The Times-Journal will continue to provide updates.


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