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Sunday, April 4, 2021
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Stephen Allen


Mid-Columbia Health Center prepares for Coronavirus

The largest hospital in the area is racing to prepare for an influx of patients as the COVID-19 pandemic makes its way across the...

Gov. Brown’s second Executive Order forces more business closures

Several local businesses that were open Monday the 23rd learned that they would be closed on Tuesday. Governor Kate Brown was not happy that Oregonians ignored her...

COVID-19 Unified Command created for Gilliam, Sherman and Wasco counties

A Unified Command website to better respond to COVID-19 has been established for Sherman, Gilliam and Wasco counties. The Unified Command streamlines contact between...

Local businesses brace, bars to close for four weeks

March 19, 2020 Several events cancelled and tourism to area suffers The Dig In Diner in Fossil was excited to host their first St. Patrick’s Day celebration...

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